As a club we are always trying to find new volunteers to help us run the club and to take part in our activities. Everything we do, from social events to galas, is organised and run by volunteers. All of our teaching staff give their time free to coach and train our swimmers.

If you would like to help us become even better then please take a look around this page and contact us to discuss how we can help each other. All training can be given, and the documents on this page have been written to try to describe what is involved.

There are three distinct areas where we are looking for helpers. Please consider each one. We are sure that you will find something where you can help us and we can help you.

In each case please fill in our contact form and select 'Helping'.

Teaching and Coaching

None of our sessions can run without teachers. These people are qualified (or under training) to ASA standards to teach swimming. Every one has also undergone a CRB check for working with children. At the moment we would like a few more teachers to help share the load. We all have a career and family commitments which occasionally means that we are not available. More teachers would help us share the sessions. If you are already a trained swimming coach, please contact us as soon as possible.

As well as teachers we need poolside officials such as timekeepers, starters and judges. We must supply people in these positions as part of our commitment when entering galas. Again there is a structure to the teaching and full training will be organised. These officials are generally only needed at galas and championships so it is not a full time commitment. If you are coming along to a gala anyway with your child why not take part and become an official?

If you are interested in swimming and would like to become a trained teacher of official then we can work with you to get you the qualification. Download and read the documents below to get a better view of the progression path to becoming a teacher or official.

General Help

Rather than a specialised role, we require general helpers around the club. You do not have to be trained to take on these roles. Typically this would be helping out at galas with organising the raffle, taking the door money or walking around the poolside with squash for the very thirsty officials. On poolside we need helpers to ensure that swimmers go to the correct end of the pool for the correct event. The gala does not stop if a swimmer does not turn up at the right place, they just miss their swim!

Away from the swimming side, we have helpers who look after the medals and cups which are presented as part of the club championships, those who help with organising galas, and we would like someone to generate a newsletter. One particular helper we urgently need would be someone to organise the club's application to the national Swim21 standard. With Swim21 accreditation the club would have access to additional funding and support.

The Committee

Finally, but not least, the club is run by an organising Committee. The roles of the club are below. These officials are responsible for the running of the club, ensuring that we meet the necessary standards for being a part ot the swimmng "family". Without the committee there would be no club. We currently have a couple of vacancies so please consider if you can help us by filling these posts.

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